Worst fears

Can people PLEASE give me some worst fears! I’m trying to form this story but I can’t think of enough! 😭😭

Black Sheep

Let the black sheep of society band together.
Individually they can break our unique personality but banded together we are a formidable force. They strive for a utopia filled with the mundane but we are the rare gifts of spontaneously special. We can’t be pinned to any clique, which they love placing people in. We gloriously mess up their little pieces of false paradise,where everything is colored in the lines. What they don’t realize is without us, black sheep of society, the world would be a terrible and cruel place to live. We shed light on a better world so UNITE black sheep of society!

I am not as I seem

I am not as I seem.
On the outside, I am a field of flowers
But the inside holds the grass that surrounds the flowers.
The dumb and ignorant hide the
Genius of many skills and knowledgeable of many things.
Soft-spokeness mists over the
Loud and opionated nature of this feisty girl.
This hard-skin of mine protects
The tender skin that has feelings deeply buried.
Next time you look at me, look at the
Real me.


Michael, son of Hades, constantly trying to find new and creative ways to piss his father off for being such a shit dad, like putting the hell hounds in frilly pink dresses and installing a sound system at the gates of hell that play only polka music.

😂😂😂😂 You have no idea how much I love this 😂😂

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the fear of running out of things to read.

I DEFINITELY have this! 😲😲😲😍😍😍😍

I always tend to choose that & I ALWAYS get it wrong. ——.——

I always tend to choose that & I ALWAYS get it wrong. ——.——